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Bd. 35, Nr. 2 (2010) 3rd International Conference “Modernism and the Orient” Abstract
Mary Bamburg
Bd. 34, Nr. 1 (2009) A Typology for Teaching Novel Incipits Abstract
Achim Hescher
Bd. 40, Nr. 1-2 (2015) Academic Writing and Culture: A Study of Austrian Tertiary-Level EFL Learners Abstract   PDF
Nick Scott
Bd. 41, Nr. 1 (2016) André Otto, Undertakings. Fluchtlinien der Exklusivierung in John Donnes Liebeslyrik, 2014 Abstract
Wolfgang G. Müller
Bd. 33, Nr. 1 (2008) Arguments from Above: Dissent in Early Nineteenth-Century American Reformist Discourse Abstract   PDF
Sämi Ludwig
Bd. 37, Nr. 2 (2012) Autopsy and Autography in the First Decades of Cinema Abstract
Christian Quendler
Bd. 33, Nr. 1 (2008) ‘There’s after being changes’: Be after V-ing in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland Abstract   PDF
Christina Bismark
Bd. 39, Nr. 2 (2014) ‘What My Country Can Do to Me’: U.S. Soldiers in Recent American Wars Abstract   PDF
Walter W. Hölbling
Bd. 33, Nr. 2 (2008) “Broadcast Yourself!” The Future of Broadcast English in an IT Age Abstract   PDF
Didier Maillat
Bd. 36, Nr. 2 (2011) “Connecting definite sounds with definite ideas”: Neo-Darwinian reflections on language evolution: Natural and sexual selection Abstract
Daniela Wawra
Bd. 38, Nr. 2 (2013) “His words only?”Indra Sinha’s Pseudotranslation Animal’s People asHallucinations of a Subaltern Voice Abstract   PDF
Brigitte Rath
Bd. 37, Nr. 1 (2012) “I suppose that I am commuting a felony, but it is just possible that I am saving a soul”: Ethics in Detective Fiction Abstract
Alyce Rothkirch von
Bd. 35, Nr. 2 (2010) “Ich spreche Englisch, ich spreche Deutsch, aber was ist das für eine Sprache?” Emigranto – a grammatical approach to code-switching Abstract
Eva Duran Eppler
Bd. 39, Nr. 1 (2014) “Is there a story? That's another story.” Reading Christine Brooke-Rose's Out as an indictment of realism Abstract   PDF
Rodrigo Vidaurre
Bd. 35, Nr. 2 (2010) “Jetzt fällt es mir wieder ein”: Verbesserte Informationsverarbeitung durch Supertexte: Pilotstudie zur Anwendung des Prinzips der kognitiven Plausibilität Abstract
Margit Reitbauer
Bd. 41, Nr. 1 (2016) “The Bravest and most Lonesome Cowboy of them all” John Wayne spielt John Wayne Abstract
Horst Zander
Bd. 34, Nr. 2 (2009) “The Finest Type of Existing Marriage”: Family and Nationhood in Theodore Roosevelt’s Speeches and Writings Abstract
Stefan Brandt
Bd. 35, Nr. 1 (2010) “The Times are the Times of a Black Split Heart”: The ‘Post-War’ in Stevie Smith’s The Holiday Abstract
Florian Niedlich
Bd. 35, Nr. 2 (2010) “We Are of Peace, Always”: ABC’s Remake of V, Alien Invasion Television, and American Paranoia after Bush Abstract
Steffen Hantke
Bd. 38, Nr. 1 (2013) „… what dignity is there in that?“ Zum Zusammenhang erzählerischer Unzuverlässigkeit und ethische Verhalten in Kazuo Ishiguros The Remains of the Day Abstract   PDF
Daniel Schäbler
Bd. 41, Nr. 2 (2016) „But that‟s not what it was built for‟. The use of architecture in Evelyn Waugh‟s work Abstract
Bruce Gaston
Bd. 40, Nr. 1-2 (2015) …or not to be. The Strategic and Non-Strategic Use of Negative Identifiers in Online Forums Abstract   PDF
Eva Triebl
Bd. 34, Nr. 2 (2009) Becoming the Poets of Our Own Lives: Pragmatism and Romanticism Abstract
Ulf Schulenberg
Bd. 42, Nr. 1 (2017) Bernhard Reitz (ed.), Das englische Drama und Theater von den Anfängen bis zur Postmoderne, 2016 Abstract
Sarah Frühwirth
Bd. 34, Nr. 1 (2009) Beyond Depicting. Language-Image-Links in the Service of Advertising Abstract
Hartmut Stöckl
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